Top 10 plays for January

So, my New Year’s resolution was to cut down on the number of plays I see this year, although with a total of 27 for the month of January it would appear that I failed miserably. But, many of these were booked in advance so that is my excuse and I may well yet start to see less…

Anyhoo, here’s my top 10 plays for January

  1. The Comedy of Errors (Propeller)
  2. Du Goudron et des Plumes
  3. Me and My Girl
  4. Lance Horne: First Things Last
  5. Becky Shaw
  6. Clybourne Park
  7. Matilda – A Musical
  8. Less Than Kind
  9. Love Story
  10. Bea

3 Replies to “Top 10 plays for January”

  1. King Lear (Donmar)
    Tiger Country
    Romeo & Juliet
    Vernon God Little
    Less Than Kind
    Oh, To Be In England
    Double Falsehood
    The Potting Shed
    The Painter

    Not going to rank small hours or Rough Cuts at the Royal Court.

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