Review: Iron, Old Red Lion Theatre

“It’s a painful thing, remembering…”

…and at times, it is a near-painful thing to watch Bold Over’s production of Rona Munro’s 2003 play Iron. The way in which director Matt Beresford tightens the screws of this psychological drama and Shuna Snow’s extraordinary performance as Fay sucks the air out of the room is just excruciatingly good – there were entire scenes where I forgot to breathe. That the writing doesn’t quite sustain this level of intensity over its 2 hours 20 minutes running time is probably best for the oxygen levels of its audience, but this emerges as an excellent piece of fringe theatre. 

Fay is a lifer in a Scottish prison, jailed for murder 15 years ago and in that time has never received a visitor or spoken much of her life before. So it is a surprise to all concerned when a young woman named Josie turns up without a visiting order, revealing herself to be Fay’s daughter. A tumultuous episode in her life has left her questioning the gaps in her memory – she remembers nothing before her 11th birthday, nothing about her father – and so she has finally turned to her mother to try and piece together the mysteries of the past, unaware of just how painful a journey it will be for both of them.  Continue reading “Review: Iron, Old Red Lion Theatre”