Preview: Unreachable, Royal Court

“All artists have their whims”

A slightly odd experience to see a show being performed almost entirely on-book but such is the nature of Anthony Neilson’s collaborative creative process of shows being created in the rehearsal room that the scripts for Unreachable had only been printed the day before. And what’s more, they’re only being used as a starting point for considerably more rewrites, which will continue to happen up until press night later this week. So all I’ll say is that the show is brilliantly light-hearted at a time when the world is seemingly going to shit, the ticket price is worth it for the allotment joke, the corpsing (whether real or not) should be kept in, and Matt Smith is one flirtatious bastard when it comes to live audiences.

Running time: around 2 hours 30 minutes (with interval) (at the moment)
Booking until 6th August

Short Film Review #64

“Hope and memories go together”

A hotch-potch of video clips for your pleasure!

The Lion King gets a new ex-rugby playing Kiwi Simba.

The latest short film in the Young Vic’s series is Astoria, supporting their newly announced strand of work around refugees.

Anthony Neilson’s new play Unreachable at the Royal Court is going to be trailed by a series of shorts, hopefully making the most of the interesting casting of Matt Smith.

An audio play rather than a film but I’m sneaking this in anyway, a prologue of sorts to the Gate’s The Iphigenia Quartet, written by Clare Slater and read by the endlessly sonorous voice of Hattie Morahan. You’ll be careful about putting together the guest list for the next party you hold after this.