TV Review: Humans Series 3

I can’t help but think Humans might have run its course as a uniquely intelligent and British sci-fi drama

“…the coming together of man and machine. You can change the course of history…”

I’ve enjoyed where Humans has taken us thus far, and the beginning of a third series seemed promising. But as I got to the end of this season and twist after twist pointed at where the story might well continue, it felt like I might have reached my expiration date with the show.

The human/synth baby that Mattie is carrying, Niska’s transformation into ur-Niska, V’s survival…it’s hard not to feel that any of these feel far less interesting than where Humans are trod thus far in its carefully balanced but uniquely British brand of sci-fi. Continue reading “TV Review: Humans Series 3”

Review: Stockholm, Network Theatre

“He likes her intensity.
‘She likes that he likes her intensity; it’s something she’s been working on.’”

The Network Theatre occupies another one of the seemingly endless railway arches in the Waterloo area that have been converted into performance spaces and is currently playing host to 3P Entertainment’s debut production of Bryony Lavery’s 2007 play Stockholm. A two-hander about the potentially destructive power of a passionate relationship, directed here by Bronwen Carr, this marks the first time this show has returned to London since the original run at the Hampstead Theatre.

At first sight, Todd and Kali’s relationship seems picture-perfect. They have a great sex life, a dream apartment, sneaky afternoon trips to the cinema to see Ingmar Bergman films and they just ooze intimacy and chemistry wrapped up in their own world. But such insularity comes at a price and whilst the dark clouds that start to show themselves are initially amusing – Todd’s anxiety manifests itself with a preoccupation with interior design even whilst receiving oral sex from Kali – the way in which her jealousy threatens to spiral out of all control indicates that things are evidently much darker and more serious. Continue reading “Review: Stockholm, Network Theatre”